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Unbound for Mac

No-nonsense photo management

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Unbound keeps photo organization simple—and fast.

Manage your photo library the way you want—just point the app at your photos directory and you’ll get a simple, gorgeous browsing experience that respects your files & folders.

Unlike other photo managers, Unbound doesn’t use some proprietary library that might screw up your data... or be abandoned.

With Unbound, your photos simply live in a plain old folder on your computer, accessible from anywhere. You can use Dropbox or any of a million other cloud syncing tools to back them up and share them, and you can be sure they’re actually backed up. Your photos are just files… what a concept!

Quickly navigate your photo library using your keyboard.

Your photos stay right where you left them.

Always keeps up to date when files change.

Sync using your existing cloud service.

Easily view camera settings for each photo.

Show off your photography with a slideshow.

What People Say About Unbound

. . . very fast, and very simple, it doesn't needlessly duplicate your photos like practically every other app out there.

bertfw_, App Store review

Unbound for Mac could replace iPhoto on your Mac

Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

The best and ONLY solution for some specific problems

highTechFool, App Store review

What’s New

See the complete changelog for more.

If you like the app, it would mean the world to me if you could take a minute to review Unbound on the Mac App Store—that’s the #1 thing you can do to support future development! ❤️

Coming Up Next

Tyler Young, developer of Unbound

Hi there! I’m Tyler. I’m the indie developer behind Unbound. Here are the major things on my roadmap for the near term:

  • Fixes for scanning large libraries—I’m investigating fixes for files not updating until restarting, and some directories not getting picked up at all.
  • Improvements to import:
    • Scroll to newly imported albums Done in 1.3.7!
    • Support multiple root directories (adding folders to the library view without copying) Done in 1.5.0!
  • Support fully hierarchical browsing (rather than showing subdirectories in the main album browser)
  • Migrate all users to Mac App Store version—if you purchased the app via our web site in the past and have not yet received an email with a free Mac App Store copy, shoot me an email at and let me know you need a promo code.

After that, I’ll start prioritizing other requested features from the public feature request board.

System Requirements

Unbound requires a Mac. Any Mac running either of the two most recent versions of macOS will work great.

  • Supported operating systems: macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and macOS 11 (Big Sur)
  • Supported CPUs: both Intel and M1/Apple Silicon
Unbound Photo Browser icon

Unbound for Mac

Download on the Mac App Store